About Unknown Public

Unknown Public is both a journal and a compilation CD, a creative music festival for the front room, beautifully packaged in a hardback book format that incorporates essays, notes and biographical details. To buy a subscription, or individual issues, download an order form.

‘Unknown Public is actually more than a record company; it’s a hotline to the best things emerging in all genres of “creative music” – experimental, jazz, classical, world, left-field pop.’ - Ivan Hewett, Daily Telegraph 13/1/2007

More about Unknown Public

The UP concept draws upon the creativity of thousands of musicians: performers, composers, DJs, producers and sound artists from every genre of new creative music. We are also looking for new approaches to writing about music, from specialists, generalists, academics, obsessives, humourists, fans, musicians and even journalists – in fact anyone with something to say about new creative music.

There is an article by Ivan Hewett about UP that you can read on the Telegraph site.

About our MySpace website: www.myspace.com/unknownpublic

We have a MySpace site which features UP tracks and promotions. Also within it are our favourite releases of the week in which we recommend new artists / new albums along the UP strain, and our favourite music videos, as well as other bits & bobs in our MySpace blog. Do have a browse and if you are already on MySpace, why not link up with us?

About this website

You can view an index to current and previous issues of Unknown Public. We also have our CD & DVD store for our CheerUP07 special offers. You can order all these products via our order form. This website also includes all the latest reviews by UP editor John L. Walters and links to websites that may be of interest to you. A recent addition to our website is our podcasts section which features the UP team talking about performers and composers we have featured in the issues, together with some special guests, and regular round-ups of current releases and concerts.

We recommend...

UP17 ‘Re-invented’ is our most international collection to date. Its musical contents include the wild, weird and wonderful sounds of digitised cutlery, bandoneon, Volcanus Eruptus, wippkordeon, double alpenhorn, ice trumpet, aerophone and udu, plus recordings of sound sculptures exposed to the elements of earth, water and air. There are plenty of laptops and digital noise, and it’s not always easy to know what is acoustic or electronic, analogue or digital, man-made or mechanical - all human, inhuman and superhuman musical life seems to be packed into this one CD. Click here for more info. Read the Musical Pointers review of UP17.

UP01-04 Volume One is an 80-page CD-book drawn from our first four issues. It is the only UP issue to exist CD-sized. You can listen to a test podcast about Volume One and its contents: click here. Alternatively, you can visit our MySpace site and play a couple of Volume One tracks there.

Buying Unknown Public by mail order

You can purchase a four-issue subscription or single issues directly using our order form. And you can buy a selection of CDs and DVDs by artists featured in Unknown Public from our CD & DVD store.

Buying Unknown Public elsewhere

Unknown Public 01-04 volume one, a retrospective CD-book drawn from the first four (out of print) issues, is available from independent record shops and the classical section of Amazon.co.uk. UP16, Childhood, and UP17, Re-invented, is also available in selected record stores, and distributed by Discovery in the UK.