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Critical Notice is a CD-book containing eleven recordings of new, previously unreleased work and six essays about contemporary music. The music, by composers on the Contemporary Voices scheme run by Bmic(The British Music Information Centre), is a selection taken from the eight hours of recordings made as part of Bmic's adventurous, groundbreaking project to archive a wide variety of new British work, recorded (for the most part) by innovative classical music producer David Lefeber. All the recordings in the scheme can be accessed on the Critical Notice download site:

Devised, compiled and edited by Unknown Public in collaboration with Bmic, and designed by Wire art director James Goggin, the Critical Notice CD-book is free to all Unknown Public subscribers, to members of the Bmic mailing list and will be offered to attendees of Bmic events and to members of the general public through initiatives devised by Bmic and regional promoters on the network. The music, performed by some of the best soloists and ensembles in the country, demonstrates both the wide range of new composition in the UK, and the quality and dedication of the performers.

Essays by: John L. Walters, Matthew Greenall, Christopher Wagner, Chris Heaton, Ed Hughes and David Lefeber, with an introduction by former CMN producer, Beverley Crew.

If you'd like a single complimentary copy of Critical Notice, please write 'Critical Notice' on our order form and fill in your address and payment details (£2 for postage and packing). Critical Notice is free to all who purchase a subscription or fully-priced CD.


15:58Apartment House
(Richard Ayres)
22:35Stephen Gutman
Mostly Bach
(Andrew Toovey)
34:18Czardas Duo
... into a several world (extract)
(John Webb)
45:39Three Strange Angels
(Richard Baker)
(Graham Fitkin)
67:25Catherine Beynon
(Martyn Harry)
72:04Stephen Gutman
Magenta Cuts part iv
(Luke Stoneham)
82:42New Music Players
Light Cuts Through Dark Skies part iii
(Ed Hughes)
97:02Evelyn Ficarra
Isle Remix
(Evelyn Ficarra)
1013:09Ensemble Exposé
Visions of a Floating World
(Joe Cutler)
1110:17Apartment House
(Laurence Crane)