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UP17 Re-invented

Creative musicians are always re-inventing something, whether it is their sound, their methods of composing and performing music, their careers or their lives, quite apart from the myriad ways of using and abusing instruments. In this issue, ‘re-invention’ goes way beyond the tools of music, but there are plenty of amazing sounds to hear, from tangoing sirens to digitised cutlery; from temporary instruments of ice to the bewildering possibilities of the ubiquitous laptop, packed to the digital rafters with alchemical software.

Artists and composers featured in UP17 include Will Menter , Efterklang, Tango Crash, Jeff Reilly and Jerry Granelli, Piotr Kurek, Nicolas Repac, Stimmhorn, Terje Isungset, Spaturno, Askew and Avis, Andrew Peggie, Roxanne Turcotte, Arild Andersen, Stefan Klaverdal, Bjorn Kleiman and Paul Lansky.

The issue also features thought-provoking essays by Will Menter, Paul Lansky, Chris Heaton, Kevin Le Gendre, Julian Maynard-Smith and Andrew Cronshaw, and some striking, specially commissioned images from graphic artist Jamie Dobson, in what is perhaps the most international issue of UP to date.


11:16Will Menter
Earth Chords (extract)
(Will Menter)
34:50Tango Crash
Milonga para Alberto (remix)
44:54Jerry Granelli and Jeff Reilly
Movement #9
(Jerry Granelli and Jeff Reilly)
53:04Piotr Kurek
Music Box / Pozytywka (extract)
(Piotr Kurek)
63:02Nicolas Repac
Swing Swing
(Nicolas Repac)
81:44Will Menter
Ascending Air (extract)
(Will Menter)
95:27Terje Isungset
(Terje Isungset)
113:55Askew and Avis
I See Your Face Before Me
(Dietz / Schwartz)
122:43Andrew Peggie
Grand Tango de Bal (extract)
(Andrew Peggie)
131:17Roxanne Turcotte
Histoire sans paroles
(Roxanne Turcotte)
144:11Savina Yannatou, Arve Henriksen, Eivind Aarset, Patrice Héral, Elly Casdas, Fotini Grammenou, Arild Andersen
Chorus III (from Electra)
(Arild Andersen)
158:44Bjorn Kleiman and Stefan Klaverdal
Dual Chant (extract)
(Stefan Klaverdal)
161:57Will Menter
Watercatch (extract)
(Will Menter)
176:59Jonah and Caleb Lansky
Table's Clear
(Paul Lansky)