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UP16 Childhood

The latest issue of Unknown Public is titled Childhood and brings together music written for children, played by or with children, and music inspired by childhood experiences and memories.

Composers and performers include Omar Sosa, Eric Longsworth, Steve Lodder and Josefina Cupido, L’Ensemble Rayé, Jonathan Cooper and Kevin Walton, Dominy Clements, Paul Burnell, David Jackson, Evelyn Ficarra, Matteo Fargio, Roger Doyle, Nikola Kodjabashia and Sally Beamish. The book contains a selection of photographs taken by children, together with their handwritten comments, plus essays (by Kevin Le Gendre, Mike Adcock, Harvey Brough), fiction (a first for UP) and a collection of amusing and thoughtful ‘early memories of music’ from a wide assortment of listeners and musicians.


14:53Omar Sosa
(Omar Sosa)
25:31Eric Longsworth, Daniel Mille, Pierre Tanguay
Pierre et le chat
(Eric Longsworth)
32:48Josefina Cupido and Steve Lodder
All the Pretty Horses
(traditional, arr. Lodder/Cupido)
42:11Shirley Anne Hofmann and Harry Rowohlts
I-Ah verliert seinen Schwanz (Eeyore loses a tail)
(Shirley Anne Hofmann)
53:20Bob Downes, Tina Downes
Die Nixe im Teich (The Nix of the Mill Pond)
(Bob Downes)
62:24Jonathan Cooper
Night (Ban Dem)
(traditional, with additional material by Jonathan Cooper)
74:55Nòis 4, Mônica Vasconcelos
(Lenine, Paulo Moska)
82:133-ORM (Dominy Clements and Hans Witteman)
(Dominy Clements)
94:26Joanna MacGregor
You Live and Learn
(Django Bates)
101:09Paul Burnell
Running Round the School
(Paul Burnell)
111:56Sound Inventors
I Hate Cabbage
(Sarah Collins)
126:49David Jackson, Andy Baker, pupils from Treloar's School, Judith Lazell, pupils from Ballard School, Liz Nayler
Anvil Rings (extract): Beginning and Peace Maker
(David Jackson)
135:56Yvonne Stone, Michael Mellinger and Charles Broughton
(Evelyn Ficarra)
146:02Francesca Fargion
Francesca Singing
(Matteo Fargion)
153:40Roger Doyle
(Roger Doyle)
162:54Project Zlust
Ave Tatho
(Nikola Kodjabashia)
1713:26Swedish Chamber Orchestra
The Day Dawn
(Sally Beamish)