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UP12 Talking Drums

Guest editor Paul Clarvis on UP12 Talking Drums: This compilation is simply a collection of music I like, with some extra input from the Unknown Public team. As I listened my way through the recordings under consideration, what I was looking for was good music inspired by drummers. Sometimes I haven’t gone for the obvious choice because we wanted a balanced CD of listenable music, and not just a random collection. The other point worth making is that in my view, rhythm and melody are the nuts and bolts of music. Harmony is more like the filling, or the decoration. Someone observed that many of the tracks I picked did not have a bass part. Yet I hadn’t noticed because they sounded materially full and complete to me. As a player I always try to find what makes the music tick, both structurally and emotionally, and I believe that a drummer’s voice comes from being immersed in the music: hearing the music as a whole. All the drummers and percussionists on this issue of Unknown Public do that. Sound is what you hear, and all these players make a great sound. And although some of the drummers make a particular sound because the music demands it, there are many examples here where the overall sound is influenced by the drummers and percussionists more than any other players. Drums seem to have evolved from a mainly timekeeping role into sounds and lines that interweave with the very core of the music. I hope you enjoy this CD and, at times, tap your feet. © 2001 PC