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UP17 Re-invented

Creative musicians are always re-inventing something, whether it is their sound, their methods of composing and performing music, their careers or their lives, quite apart from the myriad ways of using and abusing instruments. In this issue, ‘re-invention’ goes way beyond the tools of music, but there are plenty of amazing sounds to hear, from tangoing sirens to digitised cutlery; from temporary instruments of ice to the bewildering possibilities of the ubiquitous laptop, packed to the digital rafters with alchemical software.

UP16 Childhood

Early memories of music, with contributions from Omar Sosa, Sally Beamish, Eric Longsworth, Dominy Clements, Joanna MacGregor / Django and Lulu Bates, David Jackson and many more.

UP01-04 Volume One

Unknown Public 01-04 volume one is an 80-page CD-book retrospective, drawn from the first four issues of audio journal Unknown Public. The CD-sized format of the new issue brings Unknown Public to UK record stores for the first time.

Listen to a test podcast about volume one and some of its contents.

UP15 Dancing/Listening

Music for dancing; music for contemporary dance. Steve Blake, Tractor’s Revenge, Martin Simpson, Borut Krzisnik, Scanner, Stomp, Robert Wyatt and Sidestepper plus essays by Sue Steward, Shobana Jeyasingh and others.

UP14 Bloody Amateurs

Music by artists, designers, postmen, town bands and school choirs, plus Mark Russell’s mix of home-made tracks sent to Mixing It. Contemporary classic: extracts from Cardew’s The Great Learning.

UP13 Changing Platforms

This 100-page, 2CD book celebrates 30 years of the UK’s Contemporary Music Network, including music by Stockhausen, Nyman, Xenakis and McLaughlin / Hussain. Extended essay by guest editor Chris Heaton.

UP12 Talking Drums

Includes music by Moondog, Larry Stabbins & Oktal, Alex Cline Ensemble, Brian Ferneyhough / Steven Schick, Manuel Wandji, Alfredo Triff and Tenko & Ikue Mori. Guest editor: Paul Clarvis. Design: Jon Barnbrook Associates.

UP11 Beauty and Terror

Philip Sheppard, Recoil, Lydia Lunch, The Shout, Mighty Mo Rodgers, Iraida Yusupova, Mike Westbrook, Bernard Herrmann and more. Guest designer: Lucy Ward.

UP10 Naked

Solo performances by Helen Chadwick, John Butcher, Clio Gould, Walter Fabeck, Vyacheslav Ganelin, Lindsay Cooper and Cecilia Chailly (performing Ludovico Einaudi) and others. Guest designer: Stuart Bailey (dot dot dot).

UP09 All Seeing Ear

‘Music is all about sound … yet it operates in a world obsessed by the visual.’ Including tracks by Christopher Fox, X-legged Sally, George Crumb. Guest designer: Richard Hollis.

UP08 Sensuality: Essence and Nonsense

Poster asks (and answers) the questions: ‘Must contemporary creative music always be ‘spiky’ or ‘alienating’? Can new music evoke more pleasurable sensations without descending to banality? Can abstraction be sexy?’

UP07 The Netherlands Connection

A glance at this catalytic climate for creative music, with Jaap Blonk, Jon Rose, Frances-Marie Uitti, Maarten Altena and Richard Ayres’s bagpipe trio MacGowan. With random tulip postcard.

UP06 Eclectic Guitars

Unknown Public’s fastest-selling issue, including the Robert Fripp String Quintet, Terry Edwards, Elliott Sharp, David Toop, Bill Frisell, Doctor Nerve and Zappa and a free giant plectrum.

UP05 Voicebox

The issue that helped launch Jocelyn Pook’s career (when her Blow The Wind / Pie Jesu was used for a commercial). Also: Peter Blegvad, Sheila Chandra and Electric Phoenix.

UP04 Musical Machinery

Early George Benjamin, Jean Tinguely, This Heat, Michael Parsons’ awesome Levels iii & iv and a scratchpad of one-minute operas. (See also Unknown Public 01-04 volume one).

UP03 pianoFORTE

A LOUD and soft, black and white issue, with Stephen Montague’s Haiku, Michael Nyman and Graham Fitkin / Piano Circus. (See also Unknown Public 01-04 volume one).

UP02 Common Ground

Music and a sense of place, with Andrew Poppy, Mel Mercier & M’cheál ó Súilleabháin, Slate Voices and others. (See also Unknown Public 01-04 volume one).

UP01 Points of Departure

The debut issue: from Billy Jenkins to an electroacoustic classic from Jonathan Harvey via Steve Reich and Bob Dylan. (See also Unknown Public 01-04 volume one).

UPbmic Critical Notice

Critical Notice, our latest CD Book, made in collaboration with Bmic (British Music Information Centre) has just been released. Critical Notice contains eleven recordings of new work by composers on Bmic's Contemporary Voices scheme and six essays about contemporary music, specially commissioned for the project. The CD book package is designed by James Goggin. This CD book is free to all UP subscribers.