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Joanna MacGregor, Britten Sinfonia and soloists / Joanna MacGregor: Sidewalk Dances

The cult figure Moondog, who performed on the streets of New York for over 30 years, meshed jazz, classical, Native American rhythms and poetry. With a lifelong fascination for the strict rules of canon-writing, and dubbed the father of minimalism, he composed more than eighty symphonies, three hundred rounds, countless percussion, organ and piano pieces, scores for brass bands and string orchestras, and five books called The Art of the Canon.

Joanna MacGregor’s stunning new arrangements of 14 of Moondog’s most famous pieces are re-imaginings for larger forces, occasionally radically rewritten, with open sections and new solo lines – whilst always acknowledging that Moondog’s work is short and snappy, of the street, melodic and joyful, and characterized by a pounding beat. Moondog’s maxim: “The art of concealing art: maximum effect but with minimum means”.